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Syria news update late January 2015

al Nusra is attacking Harakat Hazm.  Hazm is considered moderate and get funding and assistance from the United States amongst others.  al-Nusar is consolidating the property it controls near, Idleb and Halab.  In a close by area, Jabhat Sham executed … Continue reading

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Car bomb hit an Alawite neighborhood in Homs 1/21/2015

A car bombed detonated in Homs targeting the Alawite neighborhood of ‘Akrama.  This is the first car bomb targeting Alawite civilian areas in Homs this year.  Few people were killed and many injured.

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Jaysh al-Islam send its rockets into the city of Latakia

A video by Jaysh al-Islam shows the two rockets fired at Latakia today 1/25/2015

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#Jaysh al-Islam send it rockets into the heart of Damascus

Videos surfaced showing the rockets of #Jaysh al-Islam firing towards targets in the heart of Damascus.

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Rockets are falling over Damascus and Latakia

More than 50 rockets had fallen on areas under the control of al Assad today in the heart of Damascus.  Zahran Allouch the head of Jash al-Islam threatened this few days ago in response to Assad’s bombing of al-Ghuta, especially … Continue reading

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#al-Nusra fighters fall in an ambush according to pro Assad sources in very hot southern Syria

Pro Assad sources showed a video allegedly showing many Nusra fighters falling into a nighttime ambush in Southern Syria.  This comes amidst a new battle in al-Shaykh Maskeen.  Few areas fell so far to the Anti Assad groups, although al-Nusra … Continue reading

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al-Nusra along with other Islamist groups destroy the tomb of Sufi Shaykh Mohammad al-Nabhan in Aleppo

  #al_Nusra, Jabhat Ansar al-Din,  #Ahrar_ al_Sham, Shari’a Court in Aleppo and its Countryside, and Hay’at al-‘Amr bi-Ma’ruf wa-al-Nahi ‘Ann al-Munkar destroyed the tomb of known Sufi Shaykh Mohammad al-Nabhan (born 1900-1974) in old Aleppo within the last few days. … Continue reading

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