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An attempt to assassinate al-#Muhaysini in Idlib

Today, a man wearing a suicide belt approached the car carrying the Saudi Jihadi preacher ‘Abd Allah al-#Muhaysini detonating himself.  The explosion happened in #Idleb. The attacker killed himself, and al-Muhaysini lived to give his version.   Advertisements

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al-Jazeera’s interview of al-Julani 5/2015

5 quick points about #al-Jazeera‘s interview with #al-Julani, the leader of #Jabhat al-Nusra 1- al-Julani does not understand history that much.  His explanations regarding the way states function show a lack of education.  As simple as that, al-Julani showed he … Continue reading

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Top Jihadi Belly Dancing track Part 2

Note: This post is under development because of ongoing research into the ever developing very hot topic.  But, here is the the skeleton of the post and many of the the videos. The first copy of this post was posted … Continue reading

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#Jihad’s Top Belly Dance new track

These days, some #Egyptians are making fun of #the_Islamic _State by making mash up videos between a known Jihadi anthem and either belly dancing or comedy.  This new attack against the Islamic State’s propaganda machine is taking the internet by storm … Continue reading

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#Latakia been hit with rockets again

Anti Assad forces shot few Grad rockets into the city of #Latakia.  For the last few days rockets had been fired against Assad positions.  No direct hits were reported, instead, these non-guided rockets fell around causing casualties and damage to … Continue reading

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Pro Assad troops make progress in Deir al-Adas near Dar’a

Troops loyal to Bashar al-Assad launched an attack in Southern Syria.  It had started few days ago.  Today, pro Assad TV showed the take over of Deir al-Adas and Deir Maker.  The attacking troops are heading now towards Tall al-Harra. … Continue reading

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#Jihad Groups in #Syria February 2015 ten important points

Here are 10 points regarding the Status of Jihadis in Syria with the coming of 2015: 1-  There are way-too-many Jihadi groups fighting in Syria these days. 2-   The top 5 most important groups are: #The_Islamic _State, #Jabhat_al-Nusra, #Jaysh_al_Muhajirin_wa_al_Ansar, … Continue reading

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