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al-Jazeera’s interview of al-Julani 5/2015

5 quick points about #al-Jazeera‘s interview with #al-Julani, the leader of #Jabhat al-Nusra 1- al-Julani does not understand history that much.  His explanations regarding the way states function show a lack of education.  As simple as that, al-Julani showed he … Continue reading

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#Jihad Groups in #Syria February 2015 ten important points

Here are 10 points regarding the Status of Jihadis in Syria with the coming of 2015: 1-  There are way-too-many Jihadi groups fighting in Syria these days. 2-   The top 5 most important groups are: #The_Islamic _State, #Jabhat_al-Nusra, #Jaysh_al_Muhajirin_wa_al_Ansar, … Continue reading

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Syria news update late January 2015

al Nusra is attacking Harakat Hazm.  Hazm is considered moderate and get funding and assistance from the United States amongst others.  al-Nusar is consolidating the property it controls near, Idleb and Halab.  In a close by area, Jabhat Sham executed … Continue reading

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Kidnapped #Alawite women and children appear in a new video

A new video shows the kidnapped Alawite women and children listing their names.  The video was shot on 12/6/2014 accordiong to the date given by those who spoke in the video.  The women and children had been in captivity since … Continue reading

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#al-Nusra fighters fall in an ambush according to pro Assad sources in very hot southern Syria

Pro Assad sources showed a video allegedly showing many Nusra fighters falling into a nighttime ambush in Southern Syria.  This comes amidst a new battle in al-Shaykh Maskeen.  Few areas fell so far to the Anti Assad groups, although al-Nusra … Continue reading

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#al_Nusra attack against Nubul and al-Zahra’ : the latest

Jabhat al-Nusra launched a direct frontal attack against Nubul and al-Zahra’ near Aleppo Yesterday after days of shelling using tanks and armored personnel trying to take advantage of the over cast skies that limit the usage of Assad’s warplanes.  Today, … Continue reading

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#Syria: groups restructuring with the new year

The main Syrian opposition coalition announced that a new leader, Khaled Khawjah was elected.  This came amidst stagnation in the political hopes to find a solution for the Syrian Crisis.  Recent talks between political opposition group did not result into … Continue reading

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