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#Syria #Salafi #Jihadi update

  August is coming and promising to be tough for the Salafi Jihadi groups fighting in Syria. Here is a brief update with what is going on with them. 1- The #Islamic_State: Today, the Islamic State is still holding to … Continue reading

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Jund al-Aqsa

#Jund_al_Aqsa, also, #Jond_al_Aqsa, جند الأقصى، #جندـالأقصى  is a Jihadi group that operates in Syria, whose fame and influence had been growing recently.  Here are some points for discussion about this group: 1- al-Aqsa is a mosque in Jerusalem.  Jund al-Aqsa or … Continue reading

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#Syria: groups restructuring with the new year

The main Syrian opposition coalition announced that a new leader, Khaled Khawjah was elected.  This came amidst stagnation in the political hopes to find a solution for the Syrian Crisis.  Recent talks between political opposition group did not result into … Continue reading

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#Syria News Update: the months of November 2014

In the month of November fighting continued in most parts of #Syria.  The economic situation is deteriorating, with Benzin (Car Fuel) is becoming  less and less available in the area under the control of Bashar al-Assad.  Lines of cars to … Continue reading

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#Nusra fresh attack against Shi’i towns of Nubul and al-Zahra north of #Aleppo

#al-Nusra sent a Saudi in a suicide vehicle against the besieged Shi’i town of al-Zahra, north of Aleppo, #Syria.  The town of al-Zahra’ and its neighboring Shi’i town of Nubul had been under siege for more than two years now. … Continue reading

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#Syria news update: the first half of November 2014

#Syria went through some bloody events during the first half of the month of November.  The most notable bloody events were the beheadings of the Assad soldiers in Dabeq, the beheading of the American aid worker, the beating to death … Continue reading

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#Syria: anti Assad groups took Tall Hamad

Anti Assad coalition, FSA and #al_Nusra mainly, took Tall Hamad and Hajez al-Jisr near al-Shaykh Maskeen.  al-Assad is shelling the area and the battles continue on this important point.  The battle had been going on for days now and threatening … Continue reading

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