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#Syria #Salafi #Jihadi update

  August is coming and promising to be tough for the Salafi Jihadi groups fighting in Syria. Here is a brief update with what is going on with them. 1- The #Islamic_State: Today, the Islamic State is still holding to … Continue reading

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Top Jihadi Dance track update 3

The avalanche of videos mixing the #Jihadi anthem #Salial al-Sawarem continued full steam ahead.  Two of the latest mixes include President Obama dancing on Ellen, with the host, to Salil al-Sawarem, while the other noted one was does with a … Continue reading

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Top Jihadi Belly Dancing track Part 2

Note: This post is under development because of ongoing research into the ever developing very hot topic.  But, here is the the skeleton of the post and many of the the videos. The first copy of this post was posted … Continue reading

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#Jihad’s Top Belly Dance new track

These days, some #Egyptians are making fun of #the_Islamic _State by making mash up videos between a known Jihadi anthem and either belly dancing or comedy.  This new attack against the Islamic State’s propaganda machine is taking the internet by storm … Continue reading

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Top 5 Jihadi Songs of 2014

5 Top Jihadi songs of 2014 By Mohammad D. Translation by Mohammad D. When the #Islamic_ State released the video of the beheading of about 18 pro Bashar al-#Assad men this week in November 2014, it was accompanied with one … Continue reading

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