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What do al-Assad benefit from using #Sarin in #Syria these days?

With all the noise about the incident in #Khan_Shaykhun, no one had asked themselves the most important logical question: 1- What do Bashar al-assad benefit from using #Sarin these days? 2- Why would al-Assad attack Khan Shaykhun? 3- What is … Continue reading

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Syria News Update Nov. 2016

Today the Russians started a bombing campaign.  This happened a day after US president-elect Donald #Trump had spoken with Russia’s Vladimir #Putin.  Long range missiles were fired from ships to signal a new phase in the Syrian Conflict. The Russians … Continue reading

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Jund al-Aqsa

#Jund_al_Aqsa, also, #Jond_al_Aqsa, جند الأقصى، #جندـالأقصى  is a Jihadi group that operates in Syria, whose fame and influence had been growing recently.  Here are some points for discussion about this group: 1- al-Aqsa is a mosque in Jerusalem.  Jund al-Aqsa or … Continue reading

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Top 5 Jihadi groups fighting in Syria 2016

Here is a list of the top 5 Sunni #Jihadi groups fighting in #Syria in the Summer of 2016. 1- The #IslamicـState (IS): leader: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  Today the property of the Islamic State is decreasing in Syria compared to … Continue reading

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Car bomb hit an Alawite neighborhood in Homs 1/21/2015

A car bombed detonated in Homs targeting the Alawite neighborhood of ‘Akrama.  This is the first car bomb targeting Alawite civilian areas in Homs this year.  Few people were killed and many injured.

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