Top 50 Jihadi songs of 2016

In the year 2016, amongst Jihadi Nasheeds/songs’ producers, the Islamic State occupied the top spot again.

The list of producers of this type of ideological acappellas  could include:

1- militant groups with a media arm, like the Islamic State which has Ajn ad and other outlets to produce.  al-Qa’ida in Syria, which operates now under the name Ha’yat Tahir al-Sham, also produce.  They are no match for the Islamic State’s high def, higher quality nasheeds.

2- A solo Munshed (singer/producer) living outside any area of direct conflict could produce this type of material.  Here, it is important to note that the Islamic Nasheed category is a very popular genre in the Middle East.

Again, unabated, through its arm Mu’assassat #Ajnad lil Intaj al-I’lami, the Islamic State produce top hits that normally, beside being released separately, they appear in their constant video releases.

Many of these Jihadi anthems are made for the video releases.

One would expect that the Islamic State’ anthem production factory would suffer after the death of its top star Saudi producer/singer/Munshid Maher Mash’al in an air strike near al-Raqqa/Syria in 2015. Adding to that blow, another air strike killed in the same month in 2015 Abu Hajar al-Hadrami, another top tier Munshid, who had contributed a lot to Jihadi song/Nasheed production in the last 5 years.

The year 2016 had witnessed the rise of a superstar whose identity is still a mystery. He does Nasheeds for the Islamic State. He is responsible for many of its current top hits.  His voice is very distinguished, but he is never been identified.  Normally, the Islamic State does not advertise and tell who is the Munshid. When Mu’assadat Ajnad release a Nasheed they do not say who wrote the words, and/or, who is singing it also.

This anonymous Minshid is responsible for the first top three in the list…

Here are the top 50 Jihadi songs of 2016.

To be continued …

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