Top 5 Jihadi groups fighting in Syria 2016

Here is a list of the top 5 Sunni #Jihadi groups fighting in #Syria in the Summer of 2016.

1- The #IslamicـState (IS): leader: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  Today the property of the Islamic State is decreasing in Syria compared to 2014, the year the Islamic State was “announced.”  This coming Summer of 2016 will see loses for the Islamic State in Syria.  They are losing north of Allepo and in many other battles.  They are not expanding, or making videos with hundreds of people getting executed.  The tide is changing, but still the Islamic State control lots of the Syria land in the East.  Their main property now are along the Euphrates river from al-Raqqa to al-Bukamal.  This summer will see the battles for the area under the control of the Islamic State north of Alleppo intensifies.  May be we are going to see the #Battle_of_Dabiq this summer.

2- #Jabhat_al_Nusra : Leader: Abu Muhammad al-#Julani.  Some theories say he is Usama al-‘Absi born 1981 in al-Shhayl in Deir al-Zur.  Went through al-Assad prison system as well Jihadi action in Iraq.  First he was sent to join the fight in Syria, but soon, this new group rose to fame causing the central command in ISIS to try and control this runaway franchise.  al-Nusra leaders claim to be al-Qaeda franchise in Syria, which gave them room to refuse going under the umbrella of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  Today, al-Nusra controls areas in Idleb, Halab, Hama, Latakia’s mountains, Homs, Qalamun, Ghuta, Julan, and all of the South.

3- #Jund_al_Aqsa: This group was born from the split between al-Nusra VS. then, the Islamic State of Iraq wa-al-Sham, ISIS in 2013.  But, since this group showed its inclination to al-Qaeda Central Command, they aligned themselves with Jabhat al-Nusra.  But, this does not mean that many say that this group is aligned still with the Islamic State.  The first  known leader was Abu ‘Abd al-‘Aziz al-Qatari.  Most of the members of this group are non-Syrians.  They fight these days within Jaysh al-Fath.  They are active in the country side of Idleb, and in the northern country side of Hama and in the battles in the Southern countryside of Alleppo.  Estimates put this group between 1200-2000 fighters.  The sponsors are said to be from the Gulf States ( A Kuwaiti, as the open sources online puts it). There are rumors that Abu Dharr al-Najdi al-Harithi, a Saudi is their leader and Shari’i .

4- al#Hizb_al_Islami_al_Turkistani: Thousands of Turks came from parts of China and settled in Syria.  This group had been very active in the battle in the Latakia mountains, Idlib, Hama and South of Allepo.  The number of the fighters are in the thousands.  They fight with Jaysh al-Fath.

5- #Jaysh al-Muhajirin wa-al-Ansar:  This is an umbrella for a number of groups that fight together.  It includes fighters from outside of Syria, like #Ansar_al_Din and #Harakat_Sham_al_Islam.  Most of these groups were active in the Latakia mountains, and some are still there even though the territory under their control is shrinking.  They are also very in Idleb, and of course within Jaysh al-Fath.  Some of these groups join bigger ones, like #Jaysh_Muhammad which recently swore allegiance to al-#Nusra.

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