Syria’s hot Summer

Ten important battles that are happening these days predicting a hot summer in #Syria:

1- The battle for al-#Raqqa:  al-Assad’s troops are attacking from the west and south, the Syrian Democratic are not that far up north.  Suqur al-Sahra’ (#Desert_Falcons) are amongst the attackers.  They are almost at al-Rasafa putting them closer to al-#tabaqa_airport.

2- The battle of Manbej:  Today #Manbej is surrounded.  The #Islamic_State is inside the city claiming all things are normal, where in reality the #Syrian_Democratic_Forces are surrounding the city now threatening to storm it any minute.  The Islamic State is in a dire situation because their forces, and their families may be cut off.

3- The Battles south of Allepo: Anti #Assad #Nusra, #Ahrar, #Jund al-Aqsa, al-Turkistani plus an assortment of other Jihadi troops battling al-Nujaba’ in a back and forth endless bloody mess.

4- The battles in Deir al-Zur:  IS made some advances of late.

5- The Battle of Mare’:  North of Allepo between the Islamic State against an assortment of anti Assad groups.

6- The battles in the Golan near al-Qunaytara: This front started seeing action of late.

7- Daria: al-Assad’s troops tried few times to enter.

8- The battles to encircle Aleppo: Between al-Assad against

9- The Coast battles between al-Assad who is still trying to get al-Haddadeh and Kabani in the East and Ein Eesa in the North.  Recently al-Assad took few villages north East of Latakia in the Ein Eesa village vicinity.

10- The battles in the desert East of Homs, between the Islamic State and al-Assad.




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