Top 5 Jihadi Songs of the year 2015


Here are the top #Jihadi songs of 2015 based on their usage, popularity, and appearance in top media releases by Jihadi groups.  Remember that the Islamic State alone released 58 Jihadi songs in the year 1436 (October 2014- October 2015).


Here are the top 5 songs:

1- #Qariban Qariban by Abu Hajar al-Hardrami، قريبا قريبا ترون العجيب

This Nasheed first appeared with the video release Shafa’ al-Sudur, which was made to include the burning of the Jordanian air force pilot Mu’az al-Kassasebeh.  This Nasheed/song appeared in tens of videos released by the Islamic State or its affiliates.  Videos from Siani, Libya, Syria, and Iraq include it especially with their most impressive military victories.  The lyrics of this Nasheed are about threatening the enemies of the Islamic State with the violence that is going to be taking place in their homeland.  This video of course, appeared with the latest Paris attacks.


2- #Lana al-Murhafatu

This song/Nasheed first appeared with the video Fa-Shared-Bihim-Min-Khalfihim that was made when the Islamic State took over al-Tabaqa airport in Syria (August 2014).  This video was introduced into the world with the fighters of the Islamic State shooting hundreds of fleeing pro Assad soldiers, later to be executed.  The video gave the song an edge over any song in the world.  None was introduced with this blood bath.  This song was used later in tens of videos.  It is still in heavy rotation.

3- #Saleel al-Sawarem by al-Munshid Abu Yaser

This song/Nasheed became very famous this year because of it international fame.  This fame started with a teen ager from the Western World made a video of himself lip synching without knowing the language (Arabic) of the song.  This video went viral, with the Islamic State itself including it with its video to show the spread of their influence into the teens in the Western World.  It is the Nasheed that was made into a joke by the tens of people.  Many people made joke videos about Saleel al-Sawarem.


4- #Qad Azamna..

This is a new production by #Ajnad Production, the song production unit of the Islamic State.


5- #Dawlata al-Islam Suli wa-Idhari

This get-up and let-us-fight them pep song was used heavily in the last year.


(This article is a work in progress)







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  1. Yet Another Voice says:

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    As tthe subculture of Jihadism evolves into new directions it is important to track and follow it’s development. The popularity of their nasheeds and which videos they first appeared with is important for the overall archive of the Syrian Civil War and Jihadist movement in general.

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