Top Jihadi Song of 2015


First Draft:

Amongst the way-too- many Jihadi Nasheeds/songs released in the year 2015,  #Qariban_Qariban, released by Mu’assasat#Ajnad, the main audio production arm of the Islamic State, stands out for many reasons as the top Jihadi Song/Nasheed of 2015

This super aggressive Jihadi anthem first appeared in the video Shafa’ al-Sudur in which the Islamic State burned to death the Jordanian Royal Airforce pilot Mu’az al-Kasasebeh.  It is the habit of the Islamic State to release its best produced Nasheed for the video with utmost shock value.

For the longest time, no one knew who is the Munshid/singer of this anthem, but lately, a link to the words of this Nasheed claimed it was #Abu Hajar_al-Hadrami, a very well known Jihadi killed recently in a drone strike in Yemen.

Since its appearance in the video of the burning of the Jordanian air force pilot, this Jihadi anthem appeared in videos with utmost brutality, and exhibition of violence.  The last two important videos of the year 2015 in which this song/Nasheed appeared were one related to the Paris attack entitled La France A Genoux, and the other video was done by a Syrian militant group Liwa Shuhada’ al-Yarmuk in which they blew to pieces two hapless prisoners of their rival Nusra group.

قريبا قريبا ترون العجيبَ…..صراعاً رهيبا وسوف ترى
بعقرِ ديارك تكون المعارك…..لأجلي دمارك حسامي انبرى

مشينا بسمرٍ لجزٍ ونحرٍ…..بسكين ثأرٍ سمت من حرى
بأشباح ليلٍ وفتيان هولٍ…..وتفجير ويلٍ لكي يدحرى

بدأتم قتالي بحلف الضلال…..فذوقوا وبالي اذا اسجرى
طويلاً ستبقى بحربي ستشقى…..بماذا ستقلى فتىَ كبرا

اذا الخيل جالت وشالت وصالت…..لهذا استحالت لظاً مسعرا
تلظى الرصاص وجاء القصاص…..فأين المناص شرار الورى؟

إليكم سنأتي بذبحٍ وموتِ…..بخوفِ وصمتِ نشق العرى
فشلتم جهارا فذوقوا الخسارة…..وعودوا فرارا بليل السرى

اذا الكفر ماج وأرغى وهاج…..ملئنا الفجاج دماً احمرا
بسمر الحراب بضرب الرقابِ…..لجمع الكلابِ اذا عسكرى

اتينا اتينا بعزم مضينا…..بجدٍ سعينا لشُمِ الذرى
نخوض الحتوفَ نرص الصفوفَ…..نموت وقوفَ كأسد الشرى

Soon, soon, you will see wonders….A fierce conflict and you will see.
In your heartland, there shall be the battles…..for your destruction, my sword has been drawn.

We have marched with swords to cut and behead…..By the knife of revenge, targeting those who deserve it.
With the specters of the night and the youth of terror…..and an explosion of woe, that he may be defeated.

You have begun to fight me, with the coalition…..So taste my fury, when it fires up.
For long shall you remain, in my war shall you lose…..With what shall you meet, a youth chanting the takbeer?

When the steed roams, raises its head, and leaps forth…..Thus it becomes a lighted blaze.
The bullets have blazed, and the revenge has come…..So where is the escape, O the most evil of the creatures?

Unto you we will come, with beheading and death…..With fright and silence, we will tear the bonds.
You have failed publicly, so taste the loss….and go back fleeing, a nightlong run.

When disbelief gets agitated, froths, and stirs up…..We fill the roads, with red blood;
By the stabbing of the bayonets, by the striking of the necks…..on the assembly of the dogs, when they marshal.

We have come, we have come; we have set off with determination…..In earnest we have proceeded, to the peak of the peaks.
We dive into deaths, we close the ranks…..We die standing, as lions of courage.





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