al-Jazeera’s interview of al-Julani 5/2015

5 quick points about #al-Jazeera‘s interview with #al-Julani, the leader of #Jabhat al-Nusra

1- al-Julani does not understand history that much.  His explanations regarding the way states function show a lack of education.  As simple as that, al-Julani showed he is a simple man trying to explain a very complicated matter.

2- The host did not question anything of al-Julani’s claims, except when al-Julani started questioning the Muslim Brothers, a group al-Julani does not respect that much because they participated in modern political systems.

3- al-Julani is fabricating things about the Iranians, their history and aspirations.  His claims show a very naive understanding of the world.

4- al-Julani has intentions to settle all the foreign fighters who fight with Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria.

5- al-Julani’s model of a society is unpractical like the outfit al-Julani was wearing in the interview.

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