Top Jihadi Belly Dancing track Part 2

Note: This post is under development because of ongoing research into the ever developing very hot topic.  But, here is the the skeleton of the post and many of the the videos. The first copy of this post was posted on March/4/2015

For the last two weeks people from the Arab World did not stop posting videos mixing the known Jihadi Nasheed Salil al-Sawarem with everything one could imagine.  This is becoming a new phenomenon in the Middle East, and no one can predict when this is going to blow up in the West.

One of the first videos to appear is this one

Again for the second week President Obama made a remix of this Jihadi Song according to few fake videos, some of which had been taken out.  But, here is a good remix with President Obama and Ellen Degenerse dancing to the Jihadi anthem

Adel Imam the Egyptian legend appeared in few remixes of this Jihadi nasheed, like this one

Here is Adel Imam again, where a clip from his film al-Irhabi (The Terrorist) was mixed to Salil al-Sawarem

Barcalona soccer club dances to salil al-Sawarem

Real Madrid player Christiano Ronaldo

Brazilian soccer star Neymar danced to Salial al-Sawarem

Ayman Hafni the skilled soccer player of al-Zamalek/Cairo went through defenses to Salil al-Sawarem

al-ahli soccer club/Cairo dances also to the track

Egyptian famous actor Mahmoud Abd Al-Aziz did a dance to Salil al-Sawarem

Amr Diab the famous Egyptian singer did a remix of Salil al-Sawarem when he was young according to this video

Belly Dancer Shams made the mix

Cartoon monkeys dancing

Three old ladies learning to belly dance, according to this video, they are dancing to Salil al-Sawarem

A very fat young topless man

Super Mario

Gagnam Style

Another scene from an Egyptian film

Egyptian movie with Mohammad Sa’d

Jean Claude Van Dam

Rock version

Ladies doing exercises while sitting on chairs

The Minions

African Dance

Another belly dancer: Isabella:

Salil al-Sawarem Moroccan Sha’abi remix

a New remix

Another remix

a house remix with images that pokes fun of militant Islamists

Another music remix

A break mix

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