#Jihad’s Top Belly Dance new track

These days, some #Egyptians are making fun of #the_Islamic _State by making mash up videos between a known Jihadi anthem and either belly dancing or comedy.  This new attack against the Islamic State’s propaganda machine is taking the internet by storm with tens of new videos being uploaded daily now.  The Jihadi Anthem involved in our case is #Salleel_al_Sawarem, produced by Mu’assasat #Ajnad lil-Intaj al-I’lami, a known media outfit working for the Islamic State.

There is a real war that takes place in places like #Sinai, #Syria, #Iraq or on the #Libyan borders, but also there is a bigger war on TV, the internet and other social media forms.

The Egyptians are bringing a lot to this war, even a known belly dancer like Safinaz is uploaded with her dancing to this Jihadi Anthem.

Here is Safinaz dancing to the Saleel al-Sawarem

As we know, Jihadi songs do not have music.  The only music is special effects like swords, machine guns and explosions.  A DJ put some dance beats and the Jihadi anthem became a commercial, like:

The same Jihadi #nasheed was “sang” by “supposedly” an American teen age kid.  The Islamic State and its enablers use this video to say: see, anyone and everyone love our songs.

Here is a comedy  version:

Even Egyptian screen legend Nadia Lutfi danced to this Jihadi anthem

Also, here is the Jihadi anthem with Hambula, an Egyptian wedding singer

Even cats danced to this Jihadi anthem:

President Obama and ex Egyptian Mursi danced to this anthem

WWF star #John_Cena dances to the new craze

The craze is taking over the world according to this video and new mix:

The Egyptians mixed it in many different forms, even into a wedding that included swords  , masks and cage.

Here is the original Jihadi anthem Saleel al-Sawarem:

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