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#Latakia been hit with rockets again

Anti Assad forces shot few Grad rockets into the city of #Latakia.  For the last few days rockets had been fired against Assad positions.  No direct hits were reported, instead, these non-guided rockets fell around causing casualties and damage to … Continue reading

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Pro Assad troops make progress in Deir al-Adas near Dar’a

Troops loyal to Bashar al-Assad launched an attack in Southern Syria.  It had started few days ago.  Today, pro Assad TV showed the take over of Deir al-Adas and Deir Maker.  The attacking troops are heading now towards Tall al-Harra. … Continue reading

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#Jihad Groups in #Syria February 2015 ten important points

Here are 10 points regarding the Status of Jihadis in Syria with the coming of 2015: 1-  There are way-too-many Jihadi groups fighting in Syria these days. 2-   The top 5 most important groups are: #The_Islamic _State, #Jabhat_al-Nusra, #Jaysh_al_Muhajirin_wa_al_Ansar, … Continue reading

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