Syria news update late January 2015

al Nusra is attacking Harakat Hazm.  Hazm is considered moderate and get funding and assistance from the United States amongst others.  al-Nusar is consolidating the property it controls near, Idleb and Halab.  In a close by area, Jabhat Sham executed a captured Assad soldiers in a video threatening to kill more.  The situation in the Qalamun is that many groups swore allegiance to the Islamic State that claimed to have started the liberation of Wilayat Lubnan.  In Damascus, Zahran Allouch is attacking al-Assad positions, whilst al-Assad is responding with massive airstrikes, artillery and other form of fire.  The south is in flames also after the fall of al-Liwa 82 in al-Shaykh Maskeen in the hands of al-Nusra and other groups.  al-Liwa 82 is an air defense unit on the old Damascus-Amman road.  al-Assad made some gains in Deir al-Zur near the airport.  In the coast, no more rockets were fired at the city of Latakia.  Pro regime areas in Allepo received lots of rockets during that rocket campaign.  al-Assad is, of course, bombing all over the country.  The Islamic States is executing people right and left, some for the mere gossip that he had cursed Allah.  A very disturbing video emerged which the victim resisting and shouting anti Islamic States screams.  The importance of this video lays in the unease the spectators exhibited whist this Syrian man fought very hard to stay alive.  The Islamic State lost all of its position in ‘Ayn al-Arab Kobani.

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