Kidnapped #Alawite women and children appear in a new video

A new video shows the kidnapped Alawite women and children listing their names.  The video was shot on 12/6/2014 accordiong to the date given by those who spoke in the video.  The women and children had been in captivity since August/4/2013, when anti Assad groups attacked 11 Alawite villages in a surprise attack in the country side of Latakia.  Humans Right Watch issued a report dealing with this issue.  The Islamic State, al-Nusra, other Jihadi groups (like Jund al-Sham) and even FSA took women and children as hostages.  The only man that was taken alive was Sheikh Muwaffaq Ghazal.  Nothing new is heard about him.  Some of those hostages were released in an exchange deal with al-Assad’s camp, but many are still in captivity.

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