al-Nusra along with other Islamist groups destroy the tomb of Sufi Shaykh Mohammad al-Nabhan in Aleppo


#al_Nusra, Jabhat Ansar al-Din,  #Ahrar_ al_Sham, Shari’a Court in Aleppo and its Countryside, and Hay’at al-‘Amr bi-Ma’ruf wa-al-Nahi ‘Ann al-Munkar destroyed the tomb of known Sufi Shaykh Mohammad al-Nabhan (born 1900-1974) in old Aleppo within the last few days.  Also they destroyed the tomb of his wife Mariam Bint Qasim (born-1902-), ransacked the library that was in the shrine, and of course destroyed everything after exhuming the remains of Shaykh al-#Nabhan and reburying it somewhere else.  This is done within a systematic campaign by the hardline Islamic groups to spread their own vision of Islam, which do not have any space for Sufism.  Aleppo was one of the most important centers of Sufism in the world.  There are many Sufi schools that thrived in Aleppo throughout history.

This is the Shrine before it was destroyed…

Here is the report of Ansar al-Din posted online in which you could see the resolution of the Shari’a court regarding destroying the shrine.  (This link is not working)


Here is a video of when they ransacked the tomb:

Here are some links to reports showing pictures of what happened, as well as the document produced showing those who signed on it..


A link to another article about this issue.  In this article, the writers claims that there was an uproar after the destruction of the tomb between the supporters of the Shaykh Nabhan and those who destroyed his tomb.





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