#Syria News Update: the months of November 2014

In the month of November fighting continued in most parts of #Syria.  The economic situation is deteriorating, with Benzin (Car Fuel) is becoming  less and less available in the area under the control of Bashar al-Assad.  Lines of cars to fill up with fuel extended miles in cities like Latakia recently.  The most important battles in the month of November were in the souther parts of Syria where battles rage now in al-Shaykh Maskeen and its surrounding.  Anti Assad forces were able to control new swath of land, and the Assad counter attack with force.  Air raids, shelling with all types of weapons did not abate.  Also, al-#Nusra, a number of smaller groups, launched a major attack against Nubul and al-Zahra’, two Shi’i towns north of Aleppo.  The attack was reported first to result in breaches in the pro Assad forces defending the Shi’i towns, but later this attack fizzled and later the forces of al-Nusra, and the other groups, withdrew to fight another day.  On the other hand, the #Islamic_State forces keep on attacking many of its foes.  In the last few days, the Islamic State fighters launched a major attack in Deir al-Zur, the results started materializing now after few days of fighting.  Other fronts saw action, but not major, like al-Qalamun, al-Ghuta, al-Qunaytara, Latakia northern mountains, and around Hama and Homs.

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