#Nusra fresh attack against Shi’i towns of Nubul and al-Zahra north of #Aleppo

#al-Nusra sent a Saudi in a suicide vehicle against the besieged Shi’i town of al-Zahra, north of Aleppo, #Syria.  The town of al-Zahra’ and its neighboring Shi’i town of Nubul had been under siege for more than two years now.  The latest reports claims that the Kurdish forces are entering the battle alongside the defenders of the twins to repel the attackers.  The last major attack happened last week when al-Nusra, and other groups attacked.  First they claimed they took over the industrial area, but to later withdrawing from many positions leaving dead and captured fighters.  The defenders lost many also, but not as much as the attacker who resorted to attack with tanks under the cover of the heavy guns they brought to the battle (57, 23 and 14 mostly on trucks).  Also, al-Nusra and co. are shelling the towns with mortars and artillery.  Now, they are threatening to use a locally made rocket called #Hummam.  The civilian populations of the two Syrian Shi’i towns had been through this for the last few years.  Today, the defenders were able to inflict many direct hits against the tanks of al-Nusra, which made al-Nusra angry as obvious.  al-Nusra is trying to rival the #Islamic State and establish their own #Imara.

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