#Syria news update: the first half of November 2014

#Syria went through some bloody events during the first half of the month of November.  The most notable bloody events were the beheadings of the Assad soldiers in Dabeq, the beheading of the American aid worker, the beating to death of a three pro Assad soldiers by the Islamic State.  al-Assad is going on in his fight to survive, his forces won some areas and lost others.  The biggest losses for al-Assad in this period is Nawa and al-Shaykh Maskeen near Dar’a.  al-Nusra keeps on expanding in idleb and its surrounding, eradicating all of those opposing it.  The Islamic State did not do anything important except those public killing, which showed that they are losing some of their power.  They were seen riding motor cycles instead of the customary 4×4 with heavy weapons mounted.  In Aleppo, al-Assad is close to encircle the parts of the city where his opponents are dug in.  al-Ghuta is calmer than the last month, the same could be said about al-Qalamun.  Fierce fightings erupt here and there, but there is no major battles like the ones we had few months ago.  Reports speaks about attempts to poison the Sharia Judge unit operating in the anti Assad areas.  Also, a public beheading took place in Douma.

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