#Syria: news update 10/16/2014

The two big things that happened today, were the shrinking in the areas that are under the control of the Islamic State in ‘Ayn al-Arab/Kobani, plus the little gain al-Assad made near Deir al-Zur, in the Huwayjat Saqr area حويجة صكر, and in Morek.  But, overall, things are cooling off a little in Syria, compared to last week.  But, overall the firefights and air raids continued.  In Damascus and its surroundings, al-Assad air force raided Saqba, Douma, and Jisreen.  Mortars fell on Damascus city injuring many.  The mortars fell in Bab Touma and al-Zablatani.  The fights continued in Jubar, of course, and Douma.  al-Qalamun, cooled off and there was not that much to report today.  In Dar’a, fights continued in the city itself, while al-Assad bombed many targets in the country side, like Inkhel.  In Homs, al-Wa’r received a land-to-land rocket.  In Hama, the battles continued in Morek and its surroundings.  In Aleppo, fighting continue in the Handarat area, while things cooled off in al-Sfeera front.  It seems that the attack of Ahrar al-Sham against al-Sfeera had stalled.

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