#Syria: news update 10/11/2014

In #Dar’a city, fights continued in al-Mahata, which was shelled by al-#Assad‘s troops in Katibat al=Banorama.  In the countryside, al-Assad bombed al-Harra, Inkhel and Simlin, either through artillery from the 9th Division, or through air.  The anti Assad groups attacked in many points like Jdayyah.  Also, there were fights around Nawa and al-Shaykh Maskin.  In #Hama, there were fights in its countryside in Morek, al-Latamneh and al-Masasneh.  The bad weather hampered lots of action.  In al-Qalamun, things quoted after few days of fierce fighting along the Lebanese borders.  There were no major breakthroughs, although claims were made by both parties to that effect.  In Damascus and its surrounding it was business as usual: fights in the hot areas, with the bad weather affecting action.  The #Islamic_State soldiers are in control of large parts of ‘Ayn al-‘Arab/Kobani. They are in control of major government (Syrian) buildings, in the area known as al-Murab’ al-‘Amni. Some reports put them in control of up to %40 of the city. Syrians continue to flee the areas that are witnessing fierce battles. Weather conditions are stalling the air raids in #Kobani.  Many fights are taking place in #Aleppo today. In the city, Sayf al-Dawleh and al-Rashidin saw sizable fire fights. The Assad Army is trying to fend off the attack against al-Sfeera by Ahrar al-Sham al-Islamiyah. The reports are conflicting, with each side claiming control over a series of villages close to al-Sfeera. Up till today, Ahrar al-Sham were not close to al-Sfeera. Nur al-Din al-Zanki militia attacked al-Assad’s position in al-Buhuth al-Ilmiyah area. In Handarat and its surroundings, the fights are continuing between al-Assad troops vs a bundle of groups together. The revived FSA, attacked the Islamic State positions in Dabiq. The Islamic State is till launching its big attack to take ‘Ayn al-‘Arab/Kobani. Fights are still going on there.

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