#Syria: lull in action

There were fire fights all over Syria, plus the air raids coming from outside, but overall, no game changing action took place yesterday, and half of today.  The attack of the Islamic State against Kobani is inside of the city itself now, with no clear winner yet.  The air raids are continuing against the Islamic State in other areas.  The Islamic State is doing its business as usual: killed a 14 years kid for cursing Allah few days ago in Manbej, and made videos about how wonderful it was during the ‘Eid in al-Raqqa.  Deir al-Zur witnessed shelling from the usual warring parties: the American and their allies bombed targets in the countryside, and al-Assad, with airplanes and artillery, bombed other targets.  In Aleppo, the scrimmages are continuing, with reports of Assad troops atrocities in the village of Sifat.  The attack of ‘Ahrar al-Sham against al-Sfeera did not move that much and stuck now fighting in al-‘Adnaniyah.  The put a list of 9 villages al-Ahrar claimed to have taken from al-Assad.  There was also lots of causalities in ‘Arbeen, next to Damascus, when al-Assad’s airplanes raided.  The fights are continuing in Jubar, and Wadi ‘Ayn Tarma.  The south cooled off, with shelling from al-Assad and preparations for new attacks by al-Nusra and FSA local groups in Dar’a and around it.  al-Qunaytara and Qalamun witnessed also fights, but nothing major.

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