Syria news update: 10/8/2014

American air raids hit al-Quriyah, Manjam al-Milh and other targets east and west of Deir al-Zur.  Also, in Deir al-Zur, troops loyal to Bashar al-Assad (unit Liwa’ 137) shelled with heavy artillery al-Khrata oil field controlled by the Islamic State.  In Aleppo, the scrimmages are continuing north of Aleppo between the Islamic State vs some local FSA groups.  Ahrar al-Sham started an operation called Za’ir al-Mujahidin, against al-Assad important positions in al-Sfeera.  al-Ahrar claim to have shot down a helicopter belonging to al-Assad’s army over al-Sfeera, and they claim to have controlled few villages on their march.  The fight in Handarat, north of Aleppo is still going on strong, with claims from both sides of progress.  In this battle, anti Assad groups are fighting to prevent him from encircling them in the city cutting their supply line from the northern countryside.  In Reef Hama, fights were very fierce in Morek, with back and forth gains by both sides.  Fights were in the area known as Katibat Morek.  Air raids by al-Assad’s air force reached al-Latamneh, Morek, Kafar Zeeta.  In Dar’a city, the fights are in al-Mahata, and Tariq al-Sadd.  al-Assad send reinforcement and shelled hard in the Harra, Zimrin area.  The momentum of the attack that took the strategic hill Tall al-Tarra had slowed down due to the heavy shelling from al-Assad’s troops.  Inkhel and ‘Aqraba were hit with air raids, rockets, mortars, and artillery.  The anti Assad groups are active attacking Jdayyah, and the Assad Army’s platoon their.  In Damascus and its surroundings; al-Assad troops gained some ground in Wadi ‘Ayn Tarma, near al-Dukhaniyah.  They also shelled Douma, and Jubar.  al-Assad troops claimed to have controlled Dawar Zamalka.  The anti Assad groups said to have overran a position near Rankus in al-Qalamun.  al-Qalamun witnesses serious fights between the Assad troops plus Hizballah fighters VS al-Nusra, the Islamic State and few Syrian groups.  Fights are still going on in ‘Ayn al-‘Arab/Kobani, as well as many other parts of Syria.  The dollar is 192-193 in the black market.  Marlboro red (most of the country smoke) is 450.  Mazot is 250.

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