Syria: increase in military action

The military action saw an up swing yesterday.  al-Assad is attacking near Douma threatening the home base of Jaysh al-Islam. Mortars are flying around in Damascus itself and its surroundings.  Many battles are brewing in Damascus for the next few days. al-Assad, also, is attacking hard in Aleppo trying to cut off the supplies of his enemies.  al-Nusra and the Islamic State attacked Hizballah’s positions along the Syrian-Lebanese borders in Brital.  A collection of anti Assad groups launched an offensive that resulted in the take over of Tall al-Harra near Dar’a.  The battles are raging around that area now.  The Islamic State is relentless in attacking Ayn al-‘Arab/Kobani.  Of course, things are super hot in the countryside of Hama, and Homs.  Talbisah and al-Rastan witness shelling almost daily from al-Assad’s positions around.  In Homs itself, al-Wa’r is back again to witness fights and shelling. Today, there are many other hot points like al-Qunaytara, al-Qalamun, and Jabal al-Akrad.  Plus, the air raids by the American and their “allies” did not stop and reached new areas, like East of Hama, and the country side of Homs.

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