Syria’s Violence unabated

The biggest battle the people are watching is Ayn al-Arab/Kobani in Syria’s north-east.  The Islamic State did not advance after it posted a video with its takeover of one of the points at the southern tip of Ayn al-Arab/Kobani.  The Kurdish forces were able to withstand the direct assault, which is happening under the watch of the Turks and the airplanes of the Americans and their “allies.”  It was revealed also that the Islamic State had executed in al-Raqqa 35 local media specialists that it deemed on the wrong side.  They are all anti Assad, but the Islamic State never wanted anyone reporting anything without going through its channels.  The other big news is the take over of important points in Handarat ( حندرات) north of Allepo by the forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad.  This could enable the Assad forces to encircle the city and cut the route to the supportive north for the anti Assad forces.  Another reported advance for the pro Assad forces happened in the coast with an offensive towards Salma and Doreen (سلمى و دورين).  Reports claim that the pro Assad forces were able to control new points in ‘Ayn al-Jawzah and Ruwaysat al-Ja’ura.  Advances for the rebels were reported around ‘Arbeen next to Damascus.  The situation in Damascus and its surrounding is still dire with ferocious fights in al-Dukhaniyah and next to the rebel strong hold of Douma.  The dollar in Damascus is 192.  The government raised the prices of many oil and heating products.  Air raids by the government continued, around its operations in Allepo, Hama, Dar’a and many other places.

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