Bombing a pro Assad school in Homs, air raids, and clashes

Tow bombs went off targeting ‘Akrama al-Makhzumi Elementary school in a pro Assad, mostly Alawite, neighborhood in Homs killing tens of people including many school children. Air raids by al-Assad continued on targets in Dar’a, al-Qunaytara, Reef Hama, and many more. Also, al-Assad forces were able to take the village of al-Masasneh (المصاصنة) which is south-west of the town of Mork (مورك) in the northern countryside of the city of Hama. The battles in that area are still raging.  The raids against the Islamic State and al-Nusra are still going on.  The effect of these raids is debated, although it is very early to see what are the real results.  The Islamic State’s soldiers are shown in a video overlooking Ayn al-Arab/Kobani.  This is meant to show that the air raids are not affecting the advances of the Islamic State.  Turkey is amassing forces on its side of the border near that area.  al-Nusra is getting hit in this American led air campaign also, especially around Idlib and Aleppo.  Manbej was hit also.  The Dollar is 190 in Latakia, and 193 in al-Raqqa under the Islamic State.

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