Air raids continue while IS adjusts

Air raids continued against the Islamic State.  Targets were oil facilities near al-Raqqa and al-Tabni Salt mine, which provided more than %65 of Syria’s Salt demand in the past.    The Islamic State continued its assault on Ayn al-Arab/Kobani, unaffected by the American occasional air raids against its positions in that area.  The Americans released videos of some of these raids.  In other contested areas, the Islamic State was able to annex few villages to be under its control, while al-Nusra, through its spokesperson Abu Firas al-Suri, threatened the Arab countries participating in its bombardment.  In al-Qunaytra, in the Golan Heights, clashes continued, where anti Assad forces, with large Nusra presence, are able to hold large areas, some of which put them in control of the Syrian side of the Syrian/Israeli lines.  In other parts of Syria, it is war as usual.  In Dar’a, air raids by al-Assad.  The other fronts are hot but there are no major breakthroughs by anyone.

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