Syrian oil fields under attack

The Americans and their “allies” attacked oil fields under the control of the Islamic State in Syria.  The oil field attacked are around Deir al-Zur and al-Raqqa.  As of today, the Islamic State controls the Tanak and al-Umar/Omr important oil fields in Deir al-Zur, plus few smaller ones close to al-Raqqa.  Syria’s other sizable oil field, al-Rumaylan, is under the control of Kurdish forces.  In other areas, al-Assad’s forces entered the city of ‘Adra close to Damascus.  Clashes are still happening in that area, as well as parts of the nearby al-Qalamun.  The countryside of Hama is still blazing, with no significant battles since the fizzling of the last attack on Mharda.  The south is still witnessing clashes between al-Assad and his foes.  The northern countryside of Latakia also witnessed clashes too.  al-Nusra and other groups, with the same Islamic bend, are re-organizing themselves and going more underground.

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