Syria today is a mess

With the latest tide of violence, Syria today continue to be a mess.  In the South, the battles are continuing, with Israel shooting a pro Assad fighter jet.  In al-Qalamun, there are few battles here and there.  The same could be told about al-Ghuta al-Sharqiyah.  As for ‘Adra: the battles just started.   Near Hama and Idlib there are battles raging.  Mork, Kafr Zita front is still the same.  North of Lattakia, things are escalating.  Battles in Jabal al-Akrad did not simmer down.  The battles between al-Nusra and Jabhat Thuwar Suria is spotty, but is happening.  al-Nusra is said to have been bombed by the American and Co.s attack last night.  Alleppo is still an active front, as well as its north.  in Manbaj, IS just cut few heads, one for a man that had cursed at Allah.  al-Raqqa was showered yesterday with Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, plus bombs and rockets from American and Co’s planes.  al-Bukamal got its share of this bombardment, IS (formerly ISIS) had lots of casualties.

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