Syria news Update 5/21/13

Today: The most important news from Syria today is the battle of al-Qusayr القصير.  The importance of this battle comes from the strategic location of al-Qusayer and because of the direct involvement of HizbAllah of Lebanon.  There are also many flashpoints across the country, but al-Qusayr is headlining the news.

The fight in al-Qusayer had been brewing for a while now.  In the last week, or so, the troops loyal to al-Assad government started by surrounding the area and taking over the Tall Mando strategic hill that overlooks al-Qusayr.  Then, these troops attacked the strategic village of Abel آبل to get closer and surround al-Qusayr itself.

Now, after many days of shelling the battle had moved to the city itself.  The fight is still going on as of today.

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